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Level  1 

 Introductory level which is an affordable streamlined skin care system and conditions.     
    *Recommended: At least 1 time per month

Dolce Vita Relaxation Facial 

This facial is for those needing to decompress and is focused on relaxation. Anti - Stress mask is applied to skin to help soothe and detox, soothing facial massage will help to circulate blood flow in skin and give you a feeling of refresh! Facial is complete with serum, eye cream, moisturizer and SPF.   

Dolce Vita Detox Facial 

Our signature facial starts off with a complimentary consultation. This customized facial is always based on what your skin needs, customized just for you! Treatments are discussed for the day and for continued treatments, for best skin care practices

Teen Facial: 13 to 18 yrs. 

Designed to address the specific skin care problems faced during youth, such as blemishes. This facial includes deep cleansing and steaming, followed by an exfoliation. After extractions a calming and healing mask is applied to the skin. For optimal results this facial is best as a series, every two weeks until skin shows improvements.

Acne Facial 

The gentle deep pore cleansing includes extraction with a massage and specific products designed to sooth and balance the skin. High Frequency helps to treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Blue Light therapy* helps to kill acne causing bacteria underneath the skin, very effective and safe.
​add on LED light $45 
  *Recommended 2x/month

Gentlemen's Hot Towel Facial
Restore your skin’s pH and decongest your pores with a refined exfoliating hot towel treatment.

Dolce Vita Back Facial
This treatment includes a deep cleansing and exfoliation to loosen up dead skin, remove impurities and smooth and refine the skin on the back. A treatment mask and light massage are included in this relaxing service. 

 All of our Licensed Estheticians have additional education in the world of esthetics. These global-minded, health conscious Skin Specialists will be working on your face providing expertise, warmth, passion, and knowledgeable Top Estheticians. Cutting-edge technology, combinations and techniques. The most effective and purest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and products including these highly effective lines, Hydropepetide, Lira, Obagi, and Gerards. Come experience the difference. The ultimate in synergistic skin care. 

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Level 2
Intermediate level: deeper, but no-downtime, instant longer-term results. Perfect for those who need to be seen in public immediately at their best. 
 *Recommended: 2 times per month

Glam Glo Facial 

Get the Glam Glo with organic peel, that cleanses and restores your skin to its natural balance and glow. Our unique procedure integrates Diamond or Crystal Tip Microderm for cleansing and exfoliation, followed by extraction and hydration with Fusion of antioxidants, peptide and Hyaluronic acid to rejuvenate your skin. Targets sun damage, fine lines, dehydrated and oily skin.

Organic Enzymes (all skin types) Salicylic/Glycolic/Retinol (oilier), Lactic/Phytic/Mandelic (drier)

 Keep in mind: peels = peeling! You may experience some peeling/dead skin so plan accordingly and be prepared to purchase products that are needed to heal skin after these treatments. 

Dolce Vita  Ultrasound Facial

A deep exfoliation followed by a facial massage combined with Ultrasound Skin Rejuvenation to smooth fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, acne, post surgical scarring, hyper-pigmentation, and rosacea. This wave technology penetrates serums deep into the skin promoting cellular renewal repair, toning and skin tightening. It also increases blood circulation and stimulates collagen growth which helps skin look firmer and tighter.​

Oxygen Facial

The Oxygen treatment provides all the benefits of microdermabrasion + chemical peel + oxygenating facials in one pleasant treatment. It is suitable for all skin types, colours and facial areas. The skin is plumper and more hydrated, with restored skin volume and a renewed youthful glow.​

***Add On:
- Ultrasound $45
- LED Light Therapy $45
- Microccurent & LED $85

***Benefits of Add On: 
Ultrasound combined with any treatments significantly improves the absorption of active ingredients into the skin.

Light Therapy to synthesize new cells, heal inflammation, and brighten, (choose between the two) 

• Red Light therapy*  helps to stimulate the bodies natural defense system to promote healing also very effective for anti-aging 

• Blue Light therapy*  helps to kill acne causing bacteria underneath the skin, very effective and safe  

 Level 3
for optimal skin regeneration, it contains powerful scientifically proven, active ingredients, like DNA repairing enzymes, skin transforming peptides, age reversing growth factors, nourishing proteins.
 *Recommended: Every 4 to 6 weeks 

VIP Oxygen Mask FACIAL

This signature Oxygen mask facial is an advanced treatment that will exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, infuse a unique revitalizing formula, and oxygenate the skin from within. 

This treatment includes an eye lift procedure using the microcurrent. You will feel immediate tightening of the eye area.  

Anti-Aging Microcurrent Facial
Microcurrent, a popular treatment for aging skin, uses low level electrical current to trigger the body's natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level, giving skin therapists an effective tool against the signs of skin aging.

Derma Sweep Facial

Level 1
EpiFusions target specific concerns such as brightening, hydration, calming, and more.

Level 2 PeelFusion 
PeelFusions boosts the benefits of tradition chemical peels. The enhanced delivery of the active skincare ingredients provides faster results with less peeling and flaking compared to traditional peels for less "social downtime".

Level 3 
PremiumFusions contains powerful, scientifically proven skincare ingredients including skin transforming peptides, age reversing growth factors, and unique combinations of brightening agents

-add on neck or decolette $50

Results can be seen after one treatment, however a series is recommended. Each treatment is customized depending on skin type, preferred level of exfoliation and results desired.

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