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All body scrubs are handmade with natural organic products at our facility

Luxury gold coffee organic Scrub                  $135
Re-mineralizing, oxygenating full body scrub using organic coffee scrub. Your skin will feel smooth, look buffed and nourished, perfect preparation of the skin before or after a holiday or before a body treatment. 
                                                               Add body Polishing     $15
                                                 Add face and scalp massage    $20

Brown sugar & sea salt organic scrub          $115   
 This simple scrub is a nice combination of sugar and dead sea salts- all in one! Using Bulk Apothecary’s pre-blended oil base provides the benefits of multiple oils resulting in a scrub that will gently exfoliate and polish your skin, while nourishing and moisturizing for a silky, smooth finish.     

Pumpkin body scrub                                                  $115
It smells amazing and smooths and pampers your rough spots with ease. (And it smells like pumpkin pie, what could be better!) This time of year can be so hectic, but a little self care can go a loooong way. 

Chocolate natural body scrub                         $115
This body scrub is natural blend of organic chocolate, cinnamon, sea salt, coffee grounds, pure olive oil and cold coconut oil. this blend targets dryness, cellulite and signs of aging in the body. Feel and look like you're walking in brand new skin.

​Therapeutic Body Special Cosmetic with Natural Nutrition for your skin 

Green/Blue Mask Abdomen Treatment                     $85
 Priced per treatment area.               
                                                                 Additional areas: $35 each
Additional areas includes: Bust, Buttocks, Inner Thigh, Outer Tights or arms and Abdomen
Choose between the two:
Green: reduce cellulite/fat tissues, eliminate toxins, tone and tighten
Blue: lifting/firming & remodeling of the skin 

Gerard's Chocolate Decadence                        $145
Lavish your senses and indulge your body in Gerard’s euphoric Chocolate body massage. A symphony of the senses for both therapeutic and sensorial benefit. A special formulation of natural cocoa from Italy, and sweet almond oil will lift your spirits, de-stress and relax you. Heated to the perfect temperature, to cover you from head to toe. Reduces stress, moisturizes skin, improves tone, and elevates mood. Releases serotonin. Including gentle scrub.
                                    With Recommended Gentle Scrub    $55

Shea Butter Massage & Wrap Treatment                   
This massage will leave you feeling de-stressed, relaxed and relieved of any tension build-up. Your skin will also be left feeling smooth, soft and brightened as well as deeply moisturized and toned. Treats dry, flaking skin and pre and post tanning. Deep moisturizing and re-mineralizing.
                          With Recommended Gentle Scrub 30 min $55

Pepper Aroma (Cooling) Wrap                 
Rich in minerals, this powerful slimming ritual minimalizes water retention , boosts drainage of toxins and the elimination of cellulite while refining the body contours. First, a salt scrub invigorates the skin and boosts the circulation to promote the natural elimination process. Followed by a warmed aromatherapy caramel fondant envelops the body inducing relaxation and well being. After showering a hydrating lotion enriched with essential oils completes the ritual. (Algae/Iodine/Shellfish allergy not recommended) 

LAVENDER LuxuRy Scrub and Massage           
This combination of Scrub & Massage will bring the peace and serenity of relaxation pure lavender essential oils, bringing relaxation to the soul and restoration to the body. Perfect for the overworked and under pampered. The massage included in this service is not a full body massage. It is  incorporated throughout the treatment. 

Honey Dip Wrap                                                     $125
The rich yet gentle scrub will exfoliate and take out the impurities while the honey wrap nourishes the skin. Rich in Vitamin E, this incredibly sweet and intense treatment will renew and nourish the skin deep down, leaving it smooth, compact and irresistibly silky to the touch. Wonderful for water retention…
​            ​                    With Recommended Gentle Scrub         $55 

TIBETS Energy Balancing Journey                 $155
Bundles containing Himalayan pebbles. Dead sea salt and warm fragrant oil are applied and gently massaged onto entire body. The purifying power of the salt is combined with the magnetic warmth of the stones, performing a purifying , draining and remineralization action. 
                                       With Recommended Gentle Scrub    $55

PINDASWEDA Aromatic treatment                         $155 
Headed bundles that remineralize the body with blend of rice bland, Chamomile, Almond oil, Sandalwood, Sweet orange, lavender and Honeysuckle. Energy balancing, detoxifying, anti-fat and anti-cellulite. 
                                     With Recommended Gentle Scrub      $55

Natural Yogurt  LULUR Treatment wrap                 $135
100% natural, rich in Calcium, Vitamins, Lipid and Proteins, It gives the skin energy and vitality, miniaturization and nourishment, freshness and elasticity.
                                      With Recommended Gentle Scrub     $55

Rejuvenating, lifting, toning. Hand treatment for target areas.
                                     With Recommended Gentle Scrub      $55
Enjoy one of our luxury body treatments for skin that radiates with health and is soft to the touch. Carefully balanced to both deeply cleanse and replenish, our body treatments lift the veil of dullness and dryness to restore hydrated silkiness to skin. 
*Please note, shaving prior to body scrub treatment can cause irritation & sensitivity during your treatment, recommended to have not shaved within 24 hours before getting this treatment. 

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